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IWC Internship

IWC is starting a 1 year unpaid remote internship program with a certificate of achievement and reference to those that complete the process.  At the end of the internship, you will receive over a dozen Certificates of completion for training along with the Certificate of Achievement and Letter of Recommendation.  If you want to continue your internship after the year, we are more than happy to work with you on your educational path.

Requirements will be to complete certain tasks to include completing the Red Team Operator program on the IWC Academy site and help improve the content while assisting the editing process of courses (even outside this path).  In the end, you will have the knowledge available to you to pass the Network+, Security+, CEH, CySA+, and Pentest+ along with the knowledge to build and maintain a cyber range.  If you want to learn Cyber Security for free, this is your opportunity.  There may also be options for managing a Capture the Flag event.  We understand that most people have a lot going on.  However, if you fail to meet our expectations within reason or don’t respond to our communications, you will be ejected from the program.

Other current courses include Coding/Scripting (Bash, C, PowerShell, Python, Ruby), Dark Web Investigations.

Courses currently in development include Computer Forensics Framework, Social Media Investigation, Mobile Forensics, ECSA, LPT, ECIH, Under Cover Cyber Operations, Cover Coms, Malware Analysis, Exploit Development, OWASP Web Application Hacking, and Hardware/Software Data Recovery.

Applications are being reviewed now with a limit of 10 opening.  If you want a chance at this opportunity, send an email with your resume, what you want out of this internship, your availability, and contact information to